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PUBLIC SAFETY TOPIC OF THE MONTH: 10 Simple Ways to Prevent Theft and Break-Ins

PUBLIC SAFETY TOPIC OF THE MONTH: 10 Simple Ways to Prevent Theft and Break-Ins

A burglary takes place every 15 seconds in the US. with an average of $2,000 loss per incident.  By the time you are done reading this newsletter, NINE homes would have been broken into.  Pretty scary right?

Below are some easy tips for preventing theft and break-ins that we all should keep in mind.

REINFORCE DOORS AND ENTRY POINTS.  Burglars want to get in and out of a house as quickly as possible. The longer it takes to enter a home, the more likely someone will notice and call the police.  So the harder you make it to gain entry, the better.

NO HIDE & SEEK.  In addition to regular exterior home maintenance, making the home appear lived-in, and keeping shrubbery trimmed to no more than waist high prevents intruders from finding a convenient hiding place.

KEEP IT CLOSED.  Close your garage doors.  An open garage door with bikes, tools, and toys inside just screams "rob me!" All a burglar has to do is run in, take what he wants, and run out. Always lock the entry door into your house, especially when the garage door is open.  If you park your car in the driveway, don't leave the garage door opener in it.   A common tactic used by burglars is to break into a car parked in the driveway, grab the garage door opener, and use it to enter the house or steal items in the garage.

TAKE A PEEK.  There are many advantages for installing security cameras around the inside and outside of your home.  Exterior cameras not only capture video of motion and activity, but they can also deter intruders if they are smart enough to realize they will be caught on film.

DON'T FAKE IT.  Don't be obvious! Keep spare keys in a lockbox, not in a fake rock.  Better yet, install automated locks so you can unlock doors remotely from anywhere in the world.

LIGHT IT UP.  Set up auto lights to turn on at dusk in shadowed areas outside, at the porch, and inside to provide the illusion that your home is occupied.  This is especially important at times of travel.

MIND YOUR TRASH.  One way criminals will stake your house is to check for any big cardboard boxes sitting on your curb. If you make any significant purchases, make sure to cut up the cardboard box it came in so it can fit in a trash bag or a recyclables container. Also, before you throw away any bills or bank statements, shred them to stave off identity theft.

LIKE - DON'T LIKE.  Be selective in what you post on social media.  Don't post about your upcoming spring break trip or upload vacation photos while you are away.  There are seriously bad people surfing social media looking for opportunities to target.  Some of them may even be your "friends".

BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR.  Keep in touch with neighbors so they can report suspicious activity when they see it.  Neighbors can also help each other with picking up the mail or packages, watering the potted plants, removing trashcans from the curb, and checking on the house.  Automated locks and remote controls for your security system makes it very convenient for neighbors to be neighborly.

ARM YOUR SECURITY SYSTEM.  No explanation needed!

*This information was shared from EMC Security