Cobb County Government

Cobb District 2 Commissioner Bob Ott appointed to House Commission on Transit Governance and Funding

(Marietta, GA – May 26, 2017) Speaker David Ralston (R-Blue Ridge) appointed District 2 Commissioner Bob Ott as a member of the House Commission on Transit Governance & Funding.

This commission, which was created during the recent legislative session by House Resolution 848, will study Georgia’s transit needs and analyze ways for the state to adequately plan and provide for those needs.

“I am honored and proud to be asked to serve on this commission,” said Ott. “We have been working on solutions to address transit in our county and region. This commission is a big step in the right direction.”

The members of the Commission are divided into four groups: Six members of the House of Representatives, four representatives of transit systems or counties which provide mass transit, four residents of the state of Georgia, and ex-officio appointees.

“Transit is becoming more and more important to Georgia’s future,” said Speaker Ralston. “From congestion relief to economic development, a robust transit network across our state will have long-term benefits for our citizens. Situations like the recent I-85 rebuild have clearly demonstrated the importance of transit to our state and its economy. The House is proud to lead on this initiative to develop actionable, meaningful solutions.”

The directors of all metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) are also ex-officio appointees to the commission. HR 848 provides that none of the MPO directors will have voting rights as members of the commission. The commission’s work will continue through the remainder of the 2017-2018 legislative session.

The text of House Resolution 848 can be found here: