Cobb County Government

Request For Proposals

Date: July 14, 2017

To: Qualified Landscaping Contractors

Re: Request for Proposals for Landscape Construction and Maintenance Services for Landscape Improvements at Six Flags Parkway and Riverside Parkway interchanges off of Interstate 20 in Cobb County, Georgia

Project Overview:

The South Cobb Redevelopment Authority (SCRA) is requesting cost proposals and qualifications from landscaping contractors for installation and maintenance services associated with landscape improvements at Riverside Parkway Interchange and Six Flags Parkway Interchange adjacent to Interstate 20 in Cobb County. 

SCRA is requesting separate costs for each task item and for each interchange (four (4) total):

  • Landscape installation is referred to as Task A.
  • Landscape Maintenance services are referred to Task B.

The SCRA reserves the right to award the contract for only one or multiple interchanges and tasks. Additionally, the SCRA reserves the right to cancel the bid process at any time. Respondents are responsible for all costs incurred associated with the proposal submittal. Proposals that include participation by Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT)-registered Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) and participation of contractors physically located in Commission District 4 of Cobb County are highly desired.

At no time should any lane of traffic be closed without prior notification to SCRA. It is anticipated the installation and maintenance work can be completed without the closure of roadway lanes. If it is determined lane closure is needed, the contractor shall provide the appropriate traffic control measures and gain approval from GDOT prior to construction or maintenance activities.

The SCRA reserves the right to issue contracts for each task at each project location to a single contractor or multiple contractors. The SCRA will retain the right to terminate agreement(s) upon convenience.

General Scope of Services:

Task A - Landscape Installation:
The selected contractor will provide erosion control, tree removal and landscape installation services for the Riverside Parkway and Six Flags interchanges per the plans and specifications provided, including all applicable GDOT specifications. The selected contractor will install landscape material according to notes and specifications on Six Flags Parkway and Riverside Parkway plans which are available electronically through the SCRA. The selected contractor will provide itemized costs for landscape material and elements for each respective project area as identified above.

The selected contractor for Task A will be required to water in the installed plant material with a watering truck provided by the contractor until plant material is well established. The establishment period should be no longer than six (6) months from time of final approval from the project landscape architect representing SCRA.
SOUTH COBB REDEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY 100 Cherokee Street Marietta, GA 30090 (770) 528-2018

Task A. All plant material must include a one (1)-year warranty from the date of the 6 month establishment
period once approved by the project landscape architect representing SCRA landscape architect.

Task B – Landscape Maintenance:

The selected contractor will provide landscape maintenance services as outlined in the plans and specifications for each respective project area as identified above. The maintenance contract shall be for a term of no more than one (1) year. The SCRA reserves the right to renew the contract with the incumbent contractor for a term at their discretion, or re-bid the contract annually. Additionally, the SCRA reserves the right to terminate the maintenance contract at any time.

The successful proposer will be required to comply with all applicable State and Federal rules and regulations, as well as those of Cobb County, during the course of the project installation and maintenance contractual periods.

The SCRA will make available the proposed plans and specifications in developing the proposed bid estimate electronically.

The SCRA will retain 10% of the contract value pending the completion and final approval by the project landscape architect of the landscape material installation identified in Task A above.

RFP Document:

SCRA Landscape Contruction Maintenance RFP, Full Document