Cobb County Government

Cobb County Department of Transportation (DOT) Launches YourGOV, a smartphone and web-based work request tool for citizens.

altWhat is YourGOV?
The YourGOV application and web tool allows citizens of Cobb County to submit to DOT non-emergency requests for work. YourGOV work requests relate to DOT issues such as road maintenance, signals, debris, streetlights, signs, sidewalks, flooding, and ice.

 YourGOV is a smartphone application and a web interface. Using YourGOV, citizens submit work requests and track work progress through close-out. Submitted work requests are received into DOT’s work management system then forwarded, where appropriate, to the responsible work crews. By entering an address or selecting a location on the map, citizens view where submitted requests for work exist across Cobb County. Additionally, citizens can view previously submitted requests.

Disclaimer: YourGOV is for reporting NON-EMERGENCY issues only. If immediate police or fire department response is needed, please call 911. Utilize YourGOV when it safe to do so; do not text and drive.

How does YourGOV work on the Web?
The YourGOV web interface requires installation of the free Microsoft Silverlight plug-in. Silverlight enhances interactivity for web and mobile applications. This free download is available here.

When a Citizen follows the link to Cobb DOT YourGOV Citizens Request Portal, they must first log in using a valid email address and password. First-time users must create a user profile. Once successfully registered and logged in, citizens select Add Request to enter details related to the requested work. Once submitted, the request is reviewed by DOT staff and the appropriate action is taken.

How Do I Track My Submitted Issues?
Upon submittal, citizens can view a map featuring submitted work requests. Blue dots on the map represent the location of work requests and the request currently being viewed is surrounded by an orange halo. The citizen tracks submitted requests by logging in to see what activity has been assigned to the request, when the request was closed, and other details regarding the request.
Can I Submit An Issue From My Smartphone?
YourGOV supports Apple iOS and Android. Support for Blackberries is in development. As in with the web interface, citizens initiate, complete, and submit a work request. The request is received into DOTs work management system, reviewed by staff, and then the appropriate action is taken. To download the YourGOV phone application, please search for it in the App Store or in the Google Market

What Is The History Of YourGOV?
Developed by Cartegraph, YourGOV is a citizen-facing technology connecting community and government. Cartegraph, a Cobb County vendor for over 10 years, provides asset and work management solutions. With over 1,000 clients in North America, the YourGOV application is widely available. For more information on Cartegraph, please visit their website.

YourGOV Questions?
Having trouble with YourGOV? Please contact the YourGOV administrators for Cobb County at 770-528-1600 or email us at