Cobb County Government

Get connected to Cobb on social media

Phone2Those who want to stay informed about the actions of Cobb County government don’t have to look further than an Internet connection.

The county is active on several major social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Everything from live broadcasts of Board of Commissioners’ meetings to informational items about events are posted daily for the benefit of the public.

“Social media gives us a unique opportunity to communicate with those in the community without a filter and adds the ability to get immediate and more personal feedback,” Cobb County Communications Director Ross Cavitt said.

Tens of thousands of people are subscribed to county pages, giving them additional ways to know what’s happening and provide feedback to officials.

To subscribe to those feeds on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, search for cobbcountygovt. Likewise, the public can subscribe to videos from CobbTV on the county Youtube channel.

“Because they can view or read what they want when they want, most people view social media as more a personal means of communication,” Cavitt said.

Residents can also get their news sent free directly to their email by subscribing at Various newsletters are available from different county departments, including the weekly CobbLine, district commissioner updates and monthly PARKS information. News releases and alerts are also available through signing up on the site.