Cobb County Government

Resident Participation

The Cobb County Board of Commissioners (BOC) is assisted by a number of advisory commissions, boards and committees. These groups are comprised of county residents and report directly to either the BOC or to individual county departments.

Generally speaking, the terms board, commission and committee are interchangeable as applied to the names of these bodies. The groups vary in size and responsibility. Some bodies are created for a specific length of time, while others are ongoing in their assistance to the BOC.

In addition, commissioners make appointments to a variety of other authorities and boards throughout the county, which serve in advisory capacities for specific projects, services or facilities. These operate outside the direct supervision of county government.

An authority is a political body enabled or created by the Georgia General Assembly. It has specific powers not available to county commission-created boards or committees, such as the power to issue revenue bonds, purchase property or execute contracts. Authorities can be established for a specific length of time or for an ongoing period of assistance.

Certain qualifications are required to hold positions on some boards, commissions, committees or authorities. These qualifications are stipulated in either the Cobb County Code or the Georgia Code.

Listed here are different boards, commissions, committees and authorities with a brief Description of their membership, prescribed functions and the length of terms for each group.

For more information, contact the County Clerk's Office at 770-528-3307 or the individual department.



Development Authority of Cobb County

Authorization: March 13, 1973 BOC minutes. Activated as created under the Development Authorities Laws, O.C.G.A. 36-62-1 through 36-62-12. Cobb County Code Section 3-21-1 through 3-21-6. 2006 Legislative amendment to O.C.G.A. 36-62-4(a) changed the terms of appointment for all members of the Development Authority from six (6) years to four (4) years.

Emergency Medical Council

Authorization: Resolution of BOC dated February 26, 1991. (This Council supersedes the unofficial Ambulance Review Board formed in 1984.) Resolution of July 8, 1997; Resolution of November 27, 2001.

Ethics Board

Authorization: BOC ordinance of November 14, 1989; amended July 23, 1991; amended January 27, 1992; amended October 11, 1994; amended February 22, 2000. Code Section 2-65

Keep Cobb Beautiful, INC

Authorization: Ordinance of 9-25-84; Cobb County Code Section 3-2-10; Amendment of 3-9-93 regarding method of appointment; Amendment of 4-14-98 to change the name of Cobb Clean Commission to Keep Cobb Beautiful, Inc. Code Section 102-111

Kennestone Hospital Authority

Authorization: Created by resolution of BOC per minutes of May 23, 1972, Item #71, as an additional Hospital Authority under provisions of Ga. Laws 1964, as amended, Chapter 88-18 (now Chapter 31-7) of Ga. Code, particularly under the authority of Ga. Code Sec. 88-1803.l (now Ga. Code Section 31-7-73),

Planning Commission

Authorization: Ga. Law 1956, p. 2006; Amended Ga. Law 1964, p. 3181; BOC resolution dated Dec. 26, 1972; May 2, 1973 action of the BOC designated the Zoning and Planning Commission as the Board of Zoning Appeals; BOC Resolution of September 25, 1973;

Public Library Board

Authorization: Ga. Code Sections 20-5-40 through 20-5-44; Motions/Resolutions of the Board of Commissioners as follows: 12/17/68, 5-13-69 and 6-23-70. Cobb County Code Chapter 3-17.