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Zoning Analysis Information

Every month the Cobb County Zoning Division prepares zoning analysis information, which provides analysis and staff recommendations for all rezoning, special land use permits, land use permit requests and variance requests.

These items are presented to the Planning Commission, Board of Commissioners and Board of Zoning Appeals for their, review, recommendation, and consideration. 

Commercial Property Rehabilitation Incentive Exhibits [PDF]

View Zoning Cases


The Zoning Calendar has been changed for the remainder of 2017. The last filing day for February Zoning is November 2, 2017. See the UPDATED Standard Zoning Cycle Calendar below for November and December Filing deadlines for February and March Hearings. 

View UPDATED Standard Zoning Cycle Calendar


Community Development Tax Incentive Program

Community Development Tax Incentive Infographic

Code Amendments

February 2018

Code Amendment Package 1 – version 2

Code Amendment Package 2 – version 1

Development Standards Update

The following memorandum was sent to the Board of Commissioners on March 1, 2018. The BOC hearing for adoption of the Development Standards update will be held on April 10, 2018. View the proposed amendments and updates to the Cobb County Development Standards.

Public Meetings

For up-to-date meeting times and topics, see the Cobb County Official Public Meetings Calendar.

Video On Demand

View a wide range of CobbTV Video on Demand productions focusing on land use, environmental protection, and building. Learn about the latest public meetings, local initiatives, and more.