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Milford Church/Osborne neighborhood mTAP Presentation

The primary objective is to inform the revitalization of the midcentury Milford Church/Osborne neighborhoods.

The ULI Center for Leadership - 2017 mTAP team has developed a set of recommended action items intended to encourage redevelopment within the Milford Church/Osborne neighborhood of Cobb County, including the revitalization of the area's commercial corridors and residential neighborhoods by:

  1. Reevaluating the current land use/zoning to identify strategic development nodes at key intersections that maximize existing infrastructure and encourage diversified non-residential uses along the corridor.
  2. Co-locating services at strategic nodes to attract needed services
  3. Improving access through future trail connections and street improvements

These recommendations also consider affordable housing, residential and commercial blight, and non conforming land uses.


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Announcing the New Employee Spotlight

Beginning in October, Community Development will be awarding an exceptional employee through our new "Employee Spotlight" in our Newsletter's Quarterly Special.This employee must demonstrate unprecedented customer service, teamwork and leadership within our employee community. 

Nominations are welcomed from both co-workers, clients and Cobb County residents.

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Design Guidelines

MabletonVeteransMemlDesignGuidelinesFinalMeeting MabletonVeteransMemlDesignGuidelinesFinalMeeting

Design guidelines assist county staff and other professionals such as architects, engineers, planners and developers, as well as community members, in making more informed design decisions for either private developments or public facility investments.

The Planning Division of Cobb County Community Development is in the process of creating design guidelines for Vinings.

View the presentation from theVinings Design Guideline Final Community Meeting, held on June 22, 2017.

Cobb County already has design guidelines established on Atlanta Road, Canton Road, Dallas Highway and Macland Road. County staff recently completed design guidelines along Mableton Parkway and Veterans Memorial Highway in Mableton and has plans to develop guidelines along Austell Road.

View the presentation from the Mableton & Veterans Memorial Design Guideline Final Community Meeting, held on February 7, 2017.

Cobb 2040 Comprehensive Plan

Community Development Agency staff has released the 2040 Comprehensive Plan final draft. After several months of public engagement and preparing the updated plan, staff will present the contents of the plan and request additional feedback from residents, business owners and property owners. Read More, below, for more information.

The 2040 Comprehensive Plan is a long-range, community designed growth strategy that will continue to make Cobb County an attractive place to invest, conduct business and raise a family. The current plan, adopted in 2007 with subsequent annual amendments, covers the time period between 2007 and 2030. This 10-year update will extend the current plan's growth outlook to 2040.

The plan is mandated by the state of Georgia and will help Cobb County guide and manage expected population and employment growth and coordinate major public investments in public safety, transportation, community facilities and other important elements. The plan is scheduled for submission to the Atlanta Regional Commission on Aug. 9. The ARC will ensure it meets minimum standards and procedures for local comprehensive planning.

Zoning Analysis Information

Every month the Cobb County Zoning Division prepares zoning analysis information, which provides analysis and staff recommendations for all rezoning, special land use permits, land use permit requests and variance requests.

These items are presented to the Planning Commission, Board of Commissioners and Board of Zoning Appeals for their, review, recommendation, and consideration. 

Commercial Property Rehabilitation Incentive Exhibits [PDF]

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