Cobb County Government

The goals of the Cobb County Police Exploring program are to educate youth in police operations, to interest them in a possible career in law enforcement, and to build confidence and valuable leadership skills for the future.


Post Advisor, Officer Andy Higgins, 770-528-8388



Mission Objectives

Through education and training, we will provide our explorers with inside knowledge of law enforcement and its functions in the community.


Cobb County Police Explorer Post #5 will hold regular scheduled meetings. Each meeting will begin with roll call and uniform inspection. Meetings will involve classroom training and practical scenarios.

Application Process

The Cobb County Police Explorer Post #5 seeks to recruit qualified youth applicants that meet the strict standards set forth by our police department. Potential applicants are required to complete a detailed application.


Applicants must be at least fourteen years old and in high school, and may remain in the program until the age of twenty-one.

Explorers are expected to maintain a satisfactory G.P.A. in school, being a 2.0 or higher.

Probationary Period

Upon acceptance into the program, new members of Post #5 will undergo a probationary phase for a period of six months. All new members will be required to attend all post meetings during their probationary phase, unless excused by a Post Advisor or Explorer Advisor.

Post Goals and Objectives

The Law Enforcement Exploring program has three main themes:

  • To further the explorer’s education relating to law enforcement skills and operations;
  • To encourage the explorer’s participation in a rewarding and productive service of activities;
  • To prepare the explorers for life challenges, for roles as citizens, community leaders, and future law enforcement careers.

Community Relations Effort

The Law Enforcement Explorer program brings the Explorer into direct contact with police officers through meetings, details, social functions, and a ride-along program. Explorers can make their public service tangible among members of the community, especially members in their age bracket. This provides a link between the police and the youth and between the youth and the community.

Service Group within the Community

Frequently community organizations call upon Explorers to assist with security, crowd control, traffic direction, youth education, and crime prevention programs. Community service is strongly encouraged. Explorers are not used in situations that put them in jeopardy or that require police authority. However, they are used to assist the community under the close direction and supervision of police officers.

Supplemental Manpower

Explorers are not sworn officers and can not replace law enforcement personnel; however, they can be used to supplement them. Explorers can free up officers to concentrate on the most important aspects of their jobs. Qualified members of the Cobb County Explorer Post can participate in the Ride-Along Program, a privilege that allows for real-world experience of law enforcement on the street.

Leadership Development

Through their experience, explorers learn and practice leadership skills similar to police personnel, including a rank structure. Explorers in leadership positions learn the realities of being responsible for all of their subordinate’s achievements and short falls. Cobb County’s post requires that the explorer supervisors must hold themselves to the highest standards and establish a strong leadership base through leadership skills including: Motivating peers, delegating assignments, and taking disciplinary action.

Appreciation for Community and Citizenship

Explorers contribute many hours of their personal lives during their participation in the explorer program. When they leave, they can reflect back and take pride in the fact that they have made a significant contribution to the welfare of their community.

Unit Awards

The Cobb County Police Explorer Post #5, actively participates in three major competitions a year. The three major events are Winterfest, which is held in Gatlinburg, TN in January, the Explorer State Competition in April (hosting agency), and the Metro Atlanta Competition for Explorers (M.A.C.E.) in October. Currently the Post is seeking to raise funds to attend the National Explorer Competition annually.