Cobb County Government

Cobb County is now open to the global market!

The first of its kind in the region, Cobb's U.S. Border and Customs Protection facility opened on June 25, 2015. International flights can now land directly in Cobb.

Customs information and pricing

Hangar Inquiries 770-422-4300
Service Inquiries 770-422-4300
Airport Administration 770-528-1615




Information for Pilots

(RYY) 20NW UTC-5(-4DT) N34º00. 47.5' W84º35. 49.2'

ELEVATION: 1040' msl
RUNWAY 09-27: 6,305' X 100' (CONCRETE)
ILS: 111.9 Rwy 27


Cobb County Airport provides bi-annual newsletters to inform you of the latest project updates and discuss safety and security related items.

The newsletters are available as a PDF document below:

Master Plan Update

coverThe Airport Strategic Planning Board continues to review information on the Airport Master Plan Update. The Airport Board will advise the County on an appropriate plan for the future development of the airport. The Master Plan Update includes identifying needs over the next 20 years, evaluating potential development options, and identifying airfield improvements needed to meet FAA development/safety standards. Comments are welcome to

Construction Updates (as of April 21, 2017)

North Apron and Taxilane Connector Project

The first phase of the four-month project will see the construction of a 350-foot new taxilane connector between the north apron and taxiway A between A1 and A2 to reduce congestion and improve safety of aircraft movements on the north apron. Then work will begin on 6 acres of pavement improvements, including rehabilitating and expanding the north apron between the restaurant and eastward to the control tower.